1. Scope of Support Services. Disaster Management Group, LLC, (‘DMG’) shall provide Support Services (‘Services’) to the Customer in accordance with the terms of this Exhibit Support Services related to DMGapp (‘Application’) including the following:
    • Telephone support to resolve problems encountered with Application
    • Investigation of all reported incidents
    • Corrections to the Application
    • Workarounds or alternative solutions for use of Application
    • Supply of enhancements of Application
  2. Responsibilities of the Customer – Customer will report any support, malfunctions, outage or service issue promptly to DMG. All service issues shall be reported by the Customer in the DMGapp. All critical communications (Severity Level 1 or Level 2) must be delivered via telephone by dialing 888-552-7057 and by creating a New Case in the DMGapp portal.
Salesforce Health Cloud case

Customer shall provide detailed description on the problem and if possible, provide a file or screen shot to better explain the issue and upload to the case.
Customer is responsible for providing and maintaining adequate internet connectivity for their users to access and operate the software program as well as ensuring their users accesses the application utilizing approved devices and browser software.

  1. Responsibilities of DMG – DMG shall provide Support Services subject to the conditions stated herein. In furtherance of the above, DMG shall:
    • Provide 7×24 telephone support to Customer through Customer’s Designated Representatives, excluding DMG designated holidays. DMG will provide Customer a list of scheduled DMG holidays, and notify Customer of any changes to DMG holidays in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance of those changes.
    • Investigate and supply any necessary modification to the Service.
    • Inform Customer’s Designated Representative, after initial investigation of a reported incident, of the nature of the problem.
    • With the prior approval of Customer, assist Customer and cooperate fully with third parties in order to improve the performance or utilization of the Service, the identification of whether software malfunctions are related to the Service or the hardware equipment malfunctions, and the identification of malfunctions in software supplied by Customer or third parties.
    • DMG will provide, upon Customer’s request, the Customer Designated Representative (a) a written report of the resolution of the error, and (b) a monthly written summary of remedial procedures then in process for any material failure not yet resolved

  2. Service Level
    • Telephone Support Service. DMG shall establish and maintain the organization and processes to provide 7×24 Support Services for The Service. Telephone Support shall include but not be limited to (a) a direct response to Customer with respect to inquiries concerning the performance or operation of The Service, (b) a direct response to Customer with respect to problems or performance deficiencies with The Service, (c) a diagnosis of problems or performance deficiencies of the Service, and (d) a resolution of problems or performance deficiencies of The Service.
    • DMG will provide frequent status updates regarding open issues reported.
    • DMG will provide preferential “go to the head of the line” treatment to Severity Level One problem calls, which will be answered before standard service calls.
    • DMG will provide corrections or Remedy to Program error with the effort and response times commensurate to the levels described in the table below. The Service Level Warranty shall not apply to Performance Problems (i) caused by factors outside of DMG’s Sole Control; (ii) that resulted from any actions or inactions of Customer or any third parties; (iii) that resulted from Customer’s equipment and/or third party equipment and/or third party software not within DMG’s Sole Control; or (iv) Salesforce uptime of 99.98% and associated downtime.
    • Performance Problems: DMG recognizes four Severity Levels
      • “Severity Level One” – Critical Performance Problems that render The Service inoperable and/or cause it to substantially fail to perform as designed. Examples of Critical Problems include a major system impact or system down condition; or Customer is unable to perform the basic functions of DMGapp.
      • “Severity Level Two” – High Priority Performance Problems that substantially degrade the performance and/or cause serious limitations in the use of The Service. Examples of high priority Problems may include lack of functionality and major inconvenience for the Customer or a Workaround that is difficult to implement or prevents other areas of The Service from functioning as expected and/or required by the Customer.
      • “Severity Level Three” – Medium Priority Problems that have a minor impact on overall Service use. Examples of medium priority Problems are incorrect content formatting or presentation, are typically cosmetic in nature and a Workaround exists — but nevertheless is a problem. Customer is not experiencing undo operational impact or restricted daily work activities.
      • “Severity Level Four” – Low Priority Problems that are enhancements and/or new feature requests to The Service. Includes suggested feature changes, text corrections, or end-user enhancements. Customer’s business could be improved and/or end-user frustration.
Security LevelCriteriaDMG ResponseWork AroundRemedy


Disruption or product outage with impact of 50% or greater user impact.

15 Minutes
Within fifteen minutes of initial DMG call.

1 Hour Within one hour of initial DMG call.

4 Hours
Problem resolved within four hours of initial DMG call.


Application is severely restricted with user impact less than 50% and greater than 25%

1 Hour
Within one hour of initial DMG call.

4 Hours
Within four hours of initial DMG call.

24 Hours
Problem resolved within 24 hours of initial DMG call.


Program does not operate effectively as designed. Minor impact on usage of system.

2 Hours
Within two hours of initial DMG call.

48 Hours
Within 48 hours of initial DMG call.

30 Days
Fix as an Enhancement to Software Program within 30 days of initial DMG call.


Minor Program problem, e.g. documentation, information, report, enhancement, request, etc.

24 Hours
Within 24 hours of initial DMG call.

5 Days
Within five days of initial DMG call a work around will be presented to DMG.

6 Months Correction incorporated into Enhancement within six months of initial DMG call or as approved for implementation

Service Level Warranty Credits for Outages or SLA non-compliance

When DMG’s technical support agent opens a call, Customer will provide the agent a Severity Level assessment. The table above shall be used by both parties as a determination of response by DMG. Calculation of response time commences upon DMG receipt and understanding of Customer’s service call initiating the problem until the time and day DMG’s agent returns the call and begins resolution of the problem. For Severity Level One and Severity Level Two calls that do not receive a resolution within twenty-four (24) hours of the initial Company call, Customer may request a credit based on prorated payment of the monthly Service Support invoices for any and all time beginning from the period defined in Remedy, and ending at the time the Performance Problem is resolved. Upon verification by DMG of the time to remedy Severity Level One and Severity Level Two problem, DMG will issue credit prorated based on the outage period.

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