Expanding Access to COVID-19 Vaccinations To All Citizens

Rapid, Safe, Efficient COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution to Vulnerable Citizens

DMG and Loyal Source want to positively impact populations who, regardless of vaccine supply, will remain unvaccinated but highly vulnerable to COVID-19. Through education and outreach, we can help vaccinate vulnerable citizens to drive better health outcomes, avoid the spread of the virus and expedite economic recovery.

Key Factors:

  • People in hard-to-reach rural areas or those who are incapable to leave their living facility to receive a vaccine are vulnerable if left unvaccinated.

  • DMG provides turnkey mobile vaccine units (MVUs) capable of administering 500 to 1,000 vaccines per day. DMG’s nimbler highly mobile vaccination units (HMVU) are ideal for administering 250+ vaccines per day. Both offerings can reach any rural area, community, park, or housing facility in the United States. We go where the population needs us most, thus avoiding out of pocket transportation costs on the part of citizens.

  • Loyal Source, with over 5,000 employees supporting healthcare operations across all 50 States, specializes in the rapid mobilization of multidisciplinary medical staff, resources, and program design through our proprietary technology-driven process, delivering workforce solutions to private enterprise and government agencies.

  • Contingency to eliminate waste & optimize utilization of vaccine supply – each MVU and HMVU contain low temperature freezers to keep support intact.

DMG and Loyal Source Contribution

  • Ample health care staff nationwide (Clinicians, Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants)

  • Able to deploy both Mobile Vaccine Units (MVU) and Highly Mobile Vaccine Units (HMVU)

  • Cold Chain Storage

  • Tracking and Logging technology, including Dashboard Reporting Services (includes daily logs of vaccines loaded, administered, and returned along with mobile monitoring of onboard systems)


Size: 8′ x 32′ Vaccination Trailer plus tongue that has a waste tank and extension on the back for an onboard diesel generator.

GVW: 16,000 pounds

Set-Up Time: 2 hours

Power Generation: The DMG Vaccination trailer features an onboard diesel generator, UPS battery backup for the two onboard vaccination freezers, and a secondary generator on the support trailer. This redundancy ensures 24/7 operations and continuous power generation to keep the vaccines at the necessary temperature.

Potable Water: The DMG Vaccine Trailer features onboard potable water tanks with a pump system that can be refilled as necessary and/or tied into a municipal water source.
Wastewater: The DMG Vaccine Trailer features onboard wastewater tanks that can be pumped out as necessary and/or tied to a municipal water source.

Wi-Fi: A Wi-Fi System is built-in for reporting that utilizes cellular (4G/LTE ) in areas where available and satellite in areas where no cellular services exist.

Telematics/GPS: Each Vaccine Trailer is equipped with telematics for remote monitoring of essential operating systems and provide real time information to the operations center such as fuel levels, engine operating speed, operating hours for preventative maintenance, unit location, distance to next site, travel speed, weather, etc.

Vaccine Administration: DMG Vaccine Trailers feature (2) 8’ x 24’ Retractable Awnings with one on either side of the trailer. Each awning features a hard vinyl roof system, vinyl sides with zipper doors, heat, external outlets, LED lighting, etc. One awning is used for Vaccine and one awning is used for Observation. There are pass through windows on both sides of the trailer than can be used for distributing vaccines. The interior of the unit features one each -80 degree and one standard vaccination freezers, a counter for vaccination prep, and storage areas. The trailer also has a don/doff area. Tables and chairs are included for exterior use.

Staff/Operations Support: The Vaccination trailer features an administration desk and chair for reporting, storage space, onboard bathroom, staff lockers, and PPE storage. Additional staff support includes a mini-refrigerator, counter, and coffee maker for staff use.

Support Trailer Specifications

Size: 8′ x 20′
GVW: 12,000 pounds
Set-Up Time: 30 Minutes

Key Features: The support trailer features a large onboard diesel generator that will act as primary power generation to the Vaccination Trailer onsite. The unit also has an onboard double-walled diesel fuel tank, traffic cones, traffic barricades, spare tires, toolbox, ladder, heaters, and other support elements.


DMG launches the Highly Mobile Vaccine Units (HMVU) to help communities vaccinate those citizens who are the most vulnerable due to their location or inability to travel to a mass vaccination site.


  • Cargo Van
  • K2 Low-Temp Freezer (ideal for J&J vaccine)
  • Dual Alternator and Deep Cell Battery Bank
  • Inverter with UPS Battery Back-up
  • Prep Counters and Storage Cabinets
  • Medical Waste Storage
  • Three Retractable Awnings with Tables and Chairs
  • Onboard WIFI with Telematics


Set-Up Time: 15-20 minutes

Cam Collins, Chief Technology Officer

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Chad Janovec, VP Strategic Development

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