Disaster Response Base Camps

Base Camp Services specializes in the design, operation, and management of temporary life support facilities (base camps) for disaster relief operations.

At Base Camp Services we understand the sense of urgency related to disaster relief operations and we are often the first crews on the ground in a disaster impacted area. With years of experience in the emergency mobilization of assets and personnel following a disaster, Base Camp Services is able to rapidly construct large-scale base camp operations within 72 hours or less of contract issuance to house evacuees, volunteers, National Guard personnel, and essential local, state, and federal contractors. Although the projects and locations change, the results remain the same.

Emergency Mobilization Capabilities
Base Camp Services has the proven capability to mobilize within hours of contract issuance. Experienced and professional staff, coupled with a network of world-class support companies with years of experience, allow Base Camp Services to be an industry leader in rapid mobilization of Disaster Response Base Camps. Base Camp Services often pre-stages staff and assets just outside of the area of impact to allow for immediate installation of assets and construction of base camps following a disaster situation. Base Camp Services specializes in large-scale base camp installations with the proven ability to provide fully operational base camps in 72 hours or less including shipping and travel, as well as the ability to install multiple facilities during the same period.

Guaranteed Asset Program
n the event of a disaster situation Base Camp Services will make every effort to accommodate the urgent needs for product and services. Due to the time sensitive nature involved with immediate disaster response services we are forced to operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those government agencies, corporations, and organizations looking to have assets and services guaranteed to them in the event of a disaster or mobilization we do offer a guaranteed asset program.

Please contact Nate Albers via email at [email protected] to inquire about this program

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