DMG offers COVID-19 Vaccine Facilities and Technology to State, Local and Education Government Agencies

DMG announces a turnkey facilities, technology, and optional staffing solution to deliver COVID-19 vaccines and ancillary services.

DMG delivers COVIDclear, rapidly deployable and efficient COVID-19 vaccine facilities and ancillary services solution. COVIDclear includes turnkey vaccine facilities, technology, and optional staffing thru our partners, to deliver COVID-19 vaccines and ancillary services safely and efficiently.

DMG has delivered basecamps and temporary hospital solutions since 2004. As a result, DMG was selected to help advance the US government’s Operation Warp Speed program by rapidly deploying temporary vaccine facilities.

DMG facilities include Administration, Examination and Phlebotomy & Vaccination. Modular structures are tailorable to meet the client’s needs. They can be deployed in 14-days (pending local permitting). An optional staffing capability is available thru our partners that includes credentialed physicians, nurses, phlebotomists, lab technicians and administration.

How Can Organizations Schedule Appointments and Track Vaccines?

DMGapp, in concert with Salesforce for Vaccines, provides one platform to mobilize, manage and scale vaccine administration. DMGapp is built on Salesforce Health Cloud to ensure HIPPA, GDPR and HL/7 compliance. Features include Vaccine Administration, Inventory Management, Call Center Management, Proximity Detection and Appointment Scheduling.

“Our turnkey solution is proven at the Federal level and we are now ready to assist state and local governments in their effort to provide vaccines to their constituents. We have compiled useful insights to aid in the fight against COVID-19 based on our 16-year track record of rapidly deploying temporary structures in disaster zones.

Tom Rubio, CEO of Disaster Management Group

DMGapp is available for government, public sector, and commercial organizations. Our public sector solution is delivered on Salesforce Government Cloud, and features integrations with Five9 for call center management and Alert Trace for proximity detection. The data collected is stored in a HIPAA-compliant platform that can be readily adopted by any organization. As a result, our platform is compatible with federal, state, and other government systems. This will streamline reporting requirements to county departments of health, state departments of health and the CDC.

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